This is a vacuum fluctuation in the www's turbulent life.

As a matter of fact, this page is empty.

Well. Almost.

This is supposed to be a frame buffer driver for 3dfx's Voodoo Graphics and voodoo 2 2.4 linux kernel.
There is nothing much to say beside the fact that there is nothing much to say and that this is an alpha driver.
Do not blame me if it craches your computer, blow your monitor or any other nasty and evil stuff.
At least, on my computer, with my vooodoo1 and my voodoo2, with me between chair and keyboard, and after the rights incantations, I am more or less able to get something that seems to appear to work...

I have had external reports of success so far and no big failures, it seems that I can explain that by 2 options :
- 100% of the guinea pigs who tested the driver where lucky.
- when it really fails, it's so damageful that nobody has returned yet to give a failure report.

And now the good stuff that makes an html file become a fully featured web page : some (broken) links.
- the README. As the name suggests, you should read it.
- the project home page on sourceforge.
- the project download page.
- you may want to take a look at the CVS "tree", almost for sure most up to date, but no guaranty it will even compile.
- some PDFs documentation for the voodoo chip and the DACs I'm aware of.
- the linux-fbdev home page: the "actual" frame buffer driver effort, alittle bit outdated.
- the linux-console home page: the upcomming input, console, and frame buffer driver effort.
- glide project on sourceforge.
- 3Dfx's home page, and the linux corner over there. Well ... That was before 3Dfx died and got bought by it's biggest competitor , so these links are now officially broken links (see next point...
- an ISO certified broken link.

If you find this home page ugly and lame, it was meant to.
If you find too many grammmatical and ortografic errors, they are just typos. Belive me.
This web page is outdated on purpose.
"You don't exist. go away." (c)

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